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2nd edition of Brussels Blockchain Week: the biggest Web 3.0conference in Belgium.

Web 3.0 entrepreneurs invite the political and financial world to participate in the debate on blockchain regulation and the tokenization of the economy.

From June 5 to June 11, 2023, the 2nd edition of the Brussels Blockchain Week will take place. The organizers aim to highlight the importance of Web 3.0 and the need for European policymakers and institutions to engage in dialogue with innovators in the sector, and to adopt a clear vision of what “tokenization” is. The week-long event will include training sessions, demonstrations, hackathons with the entire Belgian economic and digital ecosystem, and two days of conferences on June 7 and 8 at the business club TheMerode in Place Poelaert, Brussels, with more than 70 speakers and 1000 participants expected.

Blockchain is a new technology that will disrupt all industries and especially the financial sector with crypto assets. Major investment funds and banks abroad are already adopting these digital assets and Europe cannot be left behind. If Brussels wants to maintain its role as the capital of Europe, it must be the driving force behind this, and this is the ambition of Brussels Blockchain Week.

? After last year’s success and the excitement generated by the event, our goal is to establish Brussels Blockchain Week in the long term. I firmly believe that alongside the centralized financial world – which has its advantages and must continue to exist – there must
also be a decentralized financial world, based on crypto assets. It will make finance more accessible, transparent and democratic. Just as there is power and counter-power in politics, there must be power and counter-power in finance. Not to eliminate or crush existing power,
but to balance it, to cure it of its own ills. This is also the advocacy of this event, ? said Christophe De Beukelaer, Brussels MP and co-founder of Brussels Blockchain Week.

A meeting of two worlds for fair dialog and regulation.

In the context of successive banking and financial crises, including the recent ones involving Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse, it is necessary to rethink the traditional model and to be able to discuss regulation peacefully. This is what the Brussels Blockchain Week 2023
aims to achieve by launching the debate and inviting actors from the political, legal, consulting and “traditional” financial world to discuss and listen to Web 3.0 and crypto actors.

During the two-day conference on June 7 and 8, the European regulation of digital assets, tokenization (the process of converting a real asset into a digital asset via blockchain) and European monetary policy will be discussed. The recent adoption of MiCA, the regulation on
crypto-asset markets, adds a new essential point to the discussions and debates that will take place.

? The Brussels Blockchain Week aims to be the place for debates on these essential issues. I would like to use the words of Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, who recently stated that “tokenization is the next generation of markets”, in other words, the future. This is our goal in
organizing this 2nd edition in Brussels: to get on board this moving train and put the European capital on the Web 3.0 map, ? said Raoul Ullens, Web 3.0 entrepreneur and cofounder of Brussels Blockchain Week.

Speakers from the world of Web 3.0 entrepreneurship and European regulation.

The ambition is to have a rich debate with exchanges, which is why the organizers have brought together so many personalities from European institutions, such as Joachim Schwerin, “Principal Economist” at the European Commission’s DG GROW, responsible for
the MiCa regulation and the development of the policy approach towards the “token economy”, among others; Peter Kerstens, Advisor at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, considered the Commission’s main advisor on Fintech; Ondrej Kovarik, Member of the European Parliament, sitting on the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) as a representative of the liberal political group Renew Europe. He was the Rapporteur for the European
Parliament Resolution on “Digital Finance: Emerging Risks in Crypto-assets – Regulatory and Supervisory Challenges in Financial Services, Institutions and Markets”; and from the entrepreneurial world of Web 3.0 such as Kevin de Patoul, CEO and founder of Keyrock, Pierre Noizat, CEO of Paymium, Emilie Raffo, CEO of ChainSecurity, Arnaud Caudoux: Deputy CEO of BPI France, Salman Banaei, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Uniswap and many others such as representatives from Binance, Kraken, Polygon.

? The quality of the speakers is our top priority for the Brussels Blockchain Week. Our wish
is to have an almost perfect balance between the entrepreneurial world of Web 3.0 and
politics and regulation. ? Raoul Ullens, Web 3.0 entrepreneur and co-founder of the Brussels
Blockchain Week.

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