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Future Go Tech Summit: breakthrough trends that move the future forward

The first Future Go Tech Summit, a conference on technological trends, will be held from June 29-30 at Das Das in sunny Istanbul. The conference will bring together representatives of government, the business community, the consumer sector and the great minds transforming the entertainment industry.

For 2 days, industry leaders will discuss the most exciting opportunities, toughest challenges, and most pressing issues in the tech world. One of the priorities of the summit is the involvement of progressive scientists, top managers, visionary civil servants, young specialists and creators in the technological digital agenda, the formation of a digital environment.

The program will cover all 4 audiences ? consumer, business, governance and entertainment ? and highlight technological shifts from different angles, understandable to each participant. The Forum will bring together more than 200 leaders of such companies as Huawei, Meta, Google, McKinsey, Bloomberg and etc. Multiple hands-on keynotes, sessions, round tables will include the sharpest and most discussable in society topics, which literally shape our present life and future: XaaS, AI, automation, Internet of Things (IoT), web3, digital and the public administration, sustainable technologies, play-to-earn, eCommerce and wellbeing.

In addition to conventional panels, keynotes, and workshops, Future Go will offer a variety of unique infotainment events: stand-up evenings, cocktail parties, business runs and much more. These will take engagement at the conference to a new level, providing a dose of fun and forming a community around the summit.

The Future Go Award will be also held within the framework of the summit. It will highlight leaders in the tech and blockchain industries that are driving the world of technology forward. Only those leaders whose projects have made an impact, convinced users, and opened new avenues of progress will be considered. A jury of 12 experts, well-known within the tech community, will choose those visionaries who have achieved a deep understanding of their users? problems and developed a technological solution to them. The only requirement is that the project offers an improvement to the way we live. The awards ceremony and afterparty will be a stunning finale to the summit, leaving participants with vivid memories and a positive impression going forward.

For two days, DasDas will transform from a concert hall into a space with the most powerful technological energy. Each participant will be able to build an international network with tech leaders, get inspired and learn about the latest tech trends, take part in hands-on keynotes and develop a unique, meaningful opinion, bring new life to own business with the ideas explored at the summit and speak about it out loud.

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