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Uniswap DAO Rejects Plan to Charge LP Fees, Uni Holders Cite Tax Concerns


Uniswap DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization behind the Uniswap protocol, has voted against a proposal to charge liquidity provider (LP) fees to Uni holders. The proposal was submitted by Dharma, a DeFi lending and trading platform.

Dharma’s Proposal

Dharma’s proposal suggested that Uniswap should start charging a 0.05% fee on all trades made on the platform. Half of the fee would go to LPs, and the other half would be distributed to Uni holders. The idea was to incentivize more LPs to provide liquidity to the platform and to reward Uni holders for their contribution to Uniswap’s success.

Uni Holders’ Concerns

However, Uni holders expressed concerns about the tax implications of receiving LP fees. In the United States, LP fees are considered taxable income, and Uni holders would have to pay taxes on the fees they receive. This could create a significant tax burden for some Uni holders, especially if they hold a large amount of Uni tokens.

Uniswap DAO’s Decision

In the end, the Uniswap DAO voted against the proposal, with 83.7 million votes against and 53.4 million votes in favor. The decision was made after a heated debate on Uniswap’s governance forum, with many Uni holders expressing their opposition to the proposal.

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Uniswap’s decision to reject Dharma’s proposal shows that the platform’s community is committed to maintaining a fair and equitable system for all participants. While the proposal had good intentions, the potential tax implications for Uni holders were a major concern. Moving forward, Uniswap will continue to explore new ways to incentivize LPs and reward Uni holders without creating undue tax burdens.

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