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Tether Grants BTCPay Server $100,000 to Continue Working on Enabling Anyone to Accept Bitcoin


In a significant move towards expanding Bitcoin adoption, Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin issuer, has granted BTCPay Server a generous amount of $100,000. This grant aims to support BTCPay Server’s ongoing efforts to enable anyone to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Tether’s Support for BTCPay Server

Tether, known for its commitment to advancing the crypto ecosystem, has recognized the potential of BTCPay Server’s open-source, self-hosted payment processor. With this grant, Tether aims to empower BTCPay Server to enhance its infrastructure and develop new features that will facilitate wider acceptance of Bitcoin.

The Role of BTCPay Server

BTCPay Server is an open-source platform that allows merchants and individuals to accept Bitcoin payments directly, without relying on intermediaries. By eliminating the need for third-party payment processors, BTCPay Server promotes decentralization and financial sovereignty. This aligns with the core principles of Bitcoin and contributes to the overall growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Expanding Bitcoin Adoption

By enabling anyone to accept Bitcoin, BTCPay Server plays a crucial role in expanding the adoption of the world’s leading cryptocurrency. With Tether’s grant, BTCPay Server can further enhance its functionality and user experience, making it easier for businesses, online merchants, and individuals to embrace Bitcoin as a viable payment option.


The $100,000 grant from Tether to BTCPay Server is a significant step towards advancing Bitcoin adoption. With BTCPay Server’s open-source, self-hosted payment processor, more merchants and individuals can accept Bitcoin directly, encouraging the continued growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Tether’s support reinforces the importance of empowering individuals and businesses to transact with Bitcoin, ultimately driving its mainstream acceptance as a global currency.

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