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Subway-Themed Trading Bot Exploits Sandwich Attacks to Make Millions

Trading Bot Profiting from Sandwich Attacks

A subway-themed trading bot has reportedly made millions of dollars by taking advantage of sandwich attacks on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This has raised concerns about the security and fairness of these platforms, as well as the potential for manipulative trading practices.

Understanding Sandwich Attacks

Sandwich attacks occur when a malicious trader (or trading bot) identifies a target transaction on a DEX and places both buy and sell orders around it. This artificially inflates the price of the asset, causing the target transaction to be executed at a higher price. The attacker then profits from the price difference between their buy and sell orders.

The Subway-Themed Trading Bot

The subway-themed trading bot in question has been successful in exploiting sandwich attacks, amassing millions of dollars in profits. The bot monitors DEXs for large transactions and then quickly executes sandwich attacks before the target transactions are completed. While this practice is not illegal, it is considered unethical and raises concerns about the transparency and fairness of DEXs.

Implications for Decentralized Exchanges

The prevalence of sandwich attacks on DEXs highlights potential issues in their design, as these platforms are meant to be secure, transparent, and resistant to manipulation. The success of the subway-themed trading bot in exploiting sandwich attacks indicates that more needs to be done to protect users and ensure fair trading practices on DEXs.

Potential Solutions and Future Developments

There are several potential solutions to address the issue of sandwich attacks on DEXs:

  1. Improved order matching algorithms: By improving the algorithms that match buy and sell orders, DEXs can make it more difficult for attackers to successfully execute sandwich attacks.
  2. Transaction batching: Batching multiple transactions together can help prevent attackers from identifying and targeting individual transactions.
  3. Regulatory oversight: Although DEXs are decentralized by nature, some form of regulatory oversight may be necessary to ensure fair trading practices and to protect users from manipulation.


The subway-themed trading bot’s exploitation of sandwich attacks highlights the need for better security and fairness measures on decentralized exchanges. As the popularity of DEXs continues to grow, it is essential for the industry to address these concerns and implement solutions to prevent manipulative trading practices and ensure a level playing field for all users.

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