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Strike Moves Global Headquarters to El Salvador, Expands to 65 Countries


Mobile payments app Strike has announced that it has moved its global headquarters to El Salvador and expanded its services to 65 countries. The company, which was founded in 2018, allows users to send and receive money instantly and without fees using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Strike’s Expansion

With its expansion to 65 countries, Strike now offers its services to over 200 million people worldwide. The company’s move to El Salvador is significant, as the country recently became the first in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Strike CEO Jack Mallers has been a vocal supporter of El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption, and the company has been working closely with the government to help facilitate the use of Bitcoin in the country.

Benefits of Strike

One of the key benefits of Strike is its ability to allow users to send and receive money instantly and without fees. This is made possible by the use of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which allows for fast and cheap transactions. Additionally, Strike allows users to hold their funds in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, which can be a useful hedge against inflation and other economic uncertainties.

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Strike’s Future Plans

With its expansion to 65 countries and its move to El Salvador, Strike is well-positioned to continue its growth and become a major player in the mobile payments space. The company has also announced plans to launch a Bitcoin rewards program, which will allow users to earn Bitcoin for making purchases with their Strike account.


Strike’s move to El Salvador and its expansion to 65 countries is a significant development for the company and for the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With its fast and feeless payments, Strike has the potential to revolutionize the way people send and receive money around the world.

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