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Stephen Chow Teases Metaverse Involvement: Classic Characters and Excitement for the Future


Hong Kong’s renowned movie star, Stephen Chow (also known as “Sing Yeh”), has recently piqued the interest of fans and the crypto community with his Instagram activity. Following the confirmation of his Instagram account in late October and an announcement seeking Web3 talents, Chow posted a still from his popular comedy movie “Kung Fu Hustle” and asked fans which character they would like to see in the metaverse. This has sparked fervent discussions among netizens.

Stephen Chow’s Instagram Announcement

The Search for Web3 Talent

After opening his Instagram account in October, Chow made a post expressing his interest in seeking Web3 talents. The announcement, along with his subsequent posts, has fueled speculation about his potential involvement in the metaverse or other blockchain-related projects.

The Kung Fu Hustle Post

In a more recent post, Chow shared a still from his hit comedy movie “Kung Fu Hustle” and asked his fans which character they would most like to see in the metaverse. This has garnered a significant amount of attention, with over 51,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments in just 12 hours.

Classic Characters in the Metaverse

Fan Speculation

With Chow’s Instagram post, fans are speculating about the possibility of seeing their favorite classic characters from his movies, such as Zixia Fairy, Monkey King, Agent 007, and Tang Bohu, making a comeback in the metaverse. This highlights the powerful influence that Stephen Chow holds in the entertainment industry.

The Impact of Stephen Chow

Chow has been less involved in acting roles in recent years, focusing more on directing and producing. This has left fans curious about what kind of surprises his potential metaverse project might bring.

The Curiosity Surrounding Chow’s Project

Chow’s Recent Roles

As Stephen Chow has shifted his focus towards behind-the-scenes roles in the film industry, fans are intrigued to see how his creative vision might translate into a metaverse project involving classic characters from his past work.

Expectations for the Metaverse

Given Chow’s status and influence in the entertainment world, expectations are high for his potential involvement in the metaverse. Fans eagerly await to see how Chow’s iconic characters might be integrated into the virtual world and what unique experiences his project could offer.


Stephen Chow’s recent Instagram activity has ignited discussions and speculations among fans and the crypto community. As interest in the metaverse continues to grow, the potential involvement of a major entertainment figure like Chow could bring exciting new developments to the virtual world. With fans eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite classic characters, the future of the metaverse is set to be more vibrant and diverse.

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