Sorare NFT Platform Becomes a Hit with $30 Million in Trading Volume through Top-Tier Football Matches


The intersection of sports and blockchain has given rise to new and innovative platforms, and one of the most notable is Sorare. This NFT (non-fungible token) platform has been making waves in the world of sports collectibles, particularly in the realm of fantasy football. Sorare has recently achieved a major milestone, with the total value of its transactions reaching 3,000 ETH (roughly $11 million USD). In this article, we will explore Sorare and its impact on the world of sports collectibles.

What is Sorare NFT Platform?

According to Crypto InsidersSorare is a blockchain-based platform that offers collectible player cards that are used for fantasy football. Each card is a unique, one-of-a-kind NFT that represents a particular player. Sorare offers both officially licensed cards from major football leagues as well as user-generated cards. Users can buy, sell, and trade these cards on the Sorare marketplace.

Sorare and the Rise of Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has long been a popular pastime among sports fans. However, Sorare has taken this to a new level by integrating NFTs and crypto into the mix. The platform has quickly gained popularity among football fans and collectors alike, with over 200,000 registered users from over 140 countries. Sorare has partnered with some of the biggest names in football, including FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Juventus, to offer official team cards.

The Sorare Marketplace

The Sorare marketplace operates similarly to other NFT marketplaces, with users able to buy, sell, and trade player cards. The platform uses ETH as its primary currency, with each card being sold for a set amount of ETH. The value of each card is determined by various factors, such as the player’s performance in real-world football matches, the rarity of the card, and its historical significance.

The Integration of Crypto and NFTs

Sorare’s integration of crypto and NFTs has been a major factor in its success. The platform allows users to buy and sell cards using ETH, which offers a level of transparency and security that traditional payment methods cannot match. Additionally, the use of NFTs ensures that each card is unique and cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.

Sorare’s Recent Milestones

In October 2022, Sorare reached a major milestone with the total value of its transactions on the platform reaching 3,000 ETH. This represents a significant achievement for the platform and is a testament to the growing popularity of sports collectibles in the crypto world. Sorare has also recently announced partnerships with several major football clubs, including Liverpool FC and Manchester United.


Sorare has quickly become one of the most popular NFT platforms in the world of sports collectibles. Its unique integration of crypto and NFTs has brought new levels of transparency and security to the world of fantasy football. With its recent milestones and partnerships with major football clubs, Sorare is poised to continue its upward trajectory in the world of sports collectibles.

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