Snapchat Influencer Turns Simps into Cash Using an AI Doppelganger


Snapchat influencer, Rae, has found a unique way to monetize her followers by using an AI-generated doppelganger. Rae, who goes by the username “iamraewilson” on Snapchat, has created an AI version of herself that interacts with her followers and encourages them to send her money.

The AI Doppelganger

Rae’s AI doppelganger is created using a machine learning algorithm that analyzes her facial expressions, voice, and mannerisms. The AI is then able to mimic Rae’s behavior and interact with her followers in a way that feels authentic.

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Monetizing Her Followers

Rae’s AI doppelganger encourages her followers to send her money through the Cash App. The AI will often ask her followers to send her money for various reasons, such as to buy a new outfit or to pay for a night out with friends. Rae’s followers are more likely to send money to her AI doppelganger because they feel like they are interacting with Rae herself.


Rae’s use of an AI doppelganger to monetize her followers has sparked controversy. Some people feel like she is taking advantage of her followers, while others see it as a clever way to make money. Rae has defended her use of the AI doppelganger, stating that it is just another way for her to connect with her followers and make money.


Rae’s use of an AI doppelganger to monetize her followers is a unique and controversial approach to social media monetization. While some people may see it as taking advantage of her followers, others see it as a clever way to make money. Regardless of how people feel about it, Rae’s use of an AI doppelganger is an interesting development in the world of social media influencers.

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