Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss TerraForm SEC Case, Rejects Ripple Ruling


A judge has denied a motion to dismiss TerraForm Power’s lawsuit against its former parent company, SunEdison. The lawsuit alleges that SunEdison engaged in fraudulent activities that led to TerraForm Power’s financial losses. Additionally, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rejected Ripple’s request for documents from the agency.

TerraForm Power Lawsuit

TerraForm Power, a renewable energy company, filed the lawsuit against SunEdison in 2016. The lawsuit claims that SunEdison used TerraForm Power as a means to enrich itself and its executives while causing significant financial harm to TerraForm Power and its shareholders. SunEdison filed for bankruptcy in 2016, and TerraForm Power was one of its subsidiaries.

SunEdison had previously requested that the court dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that TerraForm Power lacked standing to file the claims. However, the judge denied the motion to dismiss, stating that TerraForm Power had provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that it had standing to bring the claims against SunEdison.

Ripple’s Request for SEC Documents

Ripple, a cryptocurrency company, has been engaged in a legal battle with the SEC over whether its XRP token is a security. Ripple had requested that the SEC provide documents related to its internal discussions regarding cryptocurrencies, arguing that the documents would be relevant to the case.

However, the SEC has rejected Ripple’s request, stating that the agency’s internal discussions are confidential and protected by law. The SEC argued that disclosing the documents could harm the agency’s ability to regulate the securities markets effectively.

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In summary, TerraForm Power’s lawsuit against SunEdison will proceed, as the judge has denied SunEdison’s motion to dismiss. Additionally, Ripple’s request for documents from the SEC has been rejected. These developments highlight the ongoing legal battles that companies face in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

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