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Insights from Bitmedia – Is NFT Gaming the Future?

Crypto Insiders: Exclusive Interview with Bitmedia


In a recent interview with Bitmedia founder Matvey Diadkov, he shared his insights and experiences in the crypto industry. This article explores their perspectives on the evolving crypto landscape, the challenges faced by beginners, the uniqueness of the prominent crypto advertising platform Bitmedia, and the future of NFT gaming.

The Crypto Advertising Journey:

The interview begins with Bitmedia recounting their entry into the world of crypto. Starting as a hobby and fueled by a fascination with Bitcoin, they soon recognized the potential of the industry. They established Bitmedia in 2014, aiming to provide advertising solutions for the growing crypto market. Recognizing the importance of research and understanding individual goals, Bitmedia needs to answer fundamental questions before diving into the crypto space.

The Evolution of the Crypto Market:

As the conversation deepens, the interview delves into the transformation of the crypto market since its early stages. They emphasize the remarkable evolution and growth of the market, particularly in terms of advertising opportunities. In the early days of cryptocurrency, advertising options were limited to just a few platforms that catered exclusively to crypto enthusiasts and early adopters. However, as the market gained traction and mainstream attention, the landscape expanded significantly.

Additionally, the rise of influencers has had a substantial impact on crypto advertising. Influencers who specialize in finance, technology, or cryptocurrencies have emerged as key opinion leaders in the industry. Their large and dedicated following allows them to shape public perception and influence consumer behavior. Crypto projects often collaborate with these influencers to promote their offerings, leveraging their credibility and reach to attract potential investors or customers.

NFT Gaming’s Impact on the Crypto Community:

Bitmedia acknowledges that NFT gaming has caused a significant stir within the community and expresses their belief that it will become an indispensable part of the gaming industry in the foreseeable future. NFT games possess distinct characteristics that set them apart from traditional games and proceed to discuss the myriad of opportunities that arise within the NFT gaming ecosystem.

NFT gaming has had a profound impact on the crypto community. The distinct features of NFT games, including ownership, trading opportunities, and creative freedom, present exciting prospects for players and developers alike. NFT gaming has transformed the traditional gaming landscape by introducing novel concepts and economic incentives, revolutionizing the way players engage with virtual worlds, and providing new avenues for innovation and expression within the gaming community.

Bitmdia’s Uniqueness and Differentiation:

Bitmedia emphasizes crypto advertisers and publishers, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for crypto marketing. ?We strive to segment our audience effectively, allowing us to offer our advertisers the most relevant audience. Our aim is to ensure that our advertisers find the perfect clients who are best suited for their specific requirements.? Their ongoing development of tools such as a marketplace to cater to the diverse needs of clients, including influencer marketing and media press releases. Bitmdia’s focus on understanding client pain points and providing tailored solutions contributes to its distinct position in the industry.

Avoiding Common Mistakes:

Reflecting on their own journey, Bitmedia provides valuable insights into the common mistakes often made by newcomers venturing into the crypto and NFT space. Drawing from their experiences, they emphasize the paramount importance of prioritizing security as a crucial aspect of navigating this rapidly evolving industry.

Bitmedia underscores the need for newcomers to approach the crypto and NFT space with a cautious mindset and to educate themselves about the potential risks involved. ?A lot of fatal problems could occur if you are not very serious about security.? They stress that understanding the fundamentals of security, such as securing digital wallets, utilizing strong passwords, and implementing two-factor authentication, is paramount. By taking proactive measures to safeguard their assets and personal information, beginners can significantly reduce the likelihood of falling victim to malicious attacks or scams.

By staying informed, conducting thorough research, and seeking guidance from trusted sources, beginners can set a strong foundation for their journey into the crypto and NFT industry, enabling them to navigate the complexities with greater confidence and minimizing the chances of falling victim to scams or security breaches.


The interview with Bitmdia provides valuable insights into the crypto industry and the emergence of NFT gaming. From their early beginnings to the present, Bitmedia?s experiences reflect the growth and evolution of the crypto market. As the industry continues to expand, Bitmdia’s focus on client needs and its commitment to providing tailored solutions position them as a leading crypto advertising platform. Meanwhile, the rise of NFT gaming promises to reshape the gaming industry, presenting new opportunities for players, creators, and advertisers alike.




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