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Hong Kong?s Unique Blockchain Ecosystem: Bitcoin OTC Shops

Cryptoinsiders news ? Exchange shops are a unique part of Hong Kong?s ecosystem, where you can purchase Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere in busy areas like Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Mong Kok. Since the Hong Kong government relaxed its cryptocurrency policy, tens of thousands of industry elites have flocked to the city. At the same time, many new investors hope to take the lead in this trend. So, what are some safe and reliable exchange shops in Hong Kong? Let?s take a look.


CoinUnited, a leading global cryptocurrency platform, is dedicated to promoting the development and widespread application of cryptocurrencies worldwide by establishing and operating the largest Bitcoin ATM network, offering over-the-counter (OTC) trading, investing in blockchain startups, and hosting cryptocurrency seminars. CoinUnited is also continuously building its cryptocurrency community to foster relationships with its customers.

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2. TideBit

TideBit is a private trading platform where users can engage in on-chain transactions without their assets passing through the platform. The company has a truly decentralized system, and customers can manage their assets independently. TideBit also has its own global network, partnering with numerous well-known cryptocurrency companies worldwide, with funding coming from around the world.

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HKD is a leading global digital asset trading platform that uses a multi-layered architecture design, greatly enhancing system performance, security, stability, and scalability to ensure the best user experience. The platform also has a robust risk control system to protect user funds fully; SSL encryption ensures data transmission security, and a segregated trading and storage mechanism maximizes end-user experience and asset security. The bidding system adopted by the platform can support millions of users trading online simultaneously, with trade depth sufficient to support billion-dollar transactions.

Official Website:


Coiner, established in 2020, primarily focuses on OTC trading and building an online and offline blockchain community in Hong Kong. Over the past few years, the platform has garnered over 10,000 users, offering more than 300 free cryptocurrency courses. Coiner?s OTC service caters to transactions ranging from 20,000 Hong Kong dollars to millions of Hong Kong dollars. The platform provides one-on-one education and customized services, along with high privacy protection. Coiner?s OTC trading services prevent slippage losses commonly seen on regular trading platforms, making it a secure trading platform.

Official Website:


COINHERO has numerous conveniently located Bitcoin and crypto ATMs throughout Hong Kong. The platform has long been committed to promoting mass adoption of Cryptos. Bitcoin ATMs provide an excellent low-barrier entry method for new users to acquire digital assets. The company?s Bitcoin ATMs support various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, FTT, and BNB. COINHERO has partnered with numerous brands to offer the public access to digital assets and the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

Official Website:

6. Onesatoshi

Onesatoshi primarily provides professional consulting services to clients and offers free tutorials and themed lectures for newcomers to the cryptocurrency world. The platform also provides spot trading services, and Onesatoshi?s stores support instant buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Users can also purchase cold wallets at the stores.

Official Website:

7. CryptoPARD

CryptoPARD is located at the intersection of Argyle Street and Shanghai Street, facing Langham Place in Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok. Its flagship store covers approximately 3,000 square feet, featuring a crypto academy,

crypto exchange counter, small group discussion area, NFT artwork exhibition area, coffee bar, and other fun activity zones. CryptoPARD offers a comfortable, relaxed, and secure OTC trading environment, as well as an experiential learning space.

Official Website:

8. Coingaroo

Coingaroo was established in 2020 by its 22-year-old founder, Lotus. Originally a film student, Lotus became involved with cryptocurrencies during a bull market and decided to drop out of school to trade Bitcoin futures full-time. In 2020, Lotus identified a business opportunity in trading platforms and founded Coingaroo, drawing inspiration from the food delivery company Deliveroo.

Additionally, Lotus currently creates online videos to educate newcomers on the essentials of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Official Website:

By covering these platforms, we hope to provide investors with a better understanding of their options. We encourage you to make informed decisions and continue to follow our news website for more related content in the future.

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