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GameStop Fires CEO Matt Furlong Months After Axing Crypto Push


GameStop, the video game retailer that made headlines earlier this year due to the infamous Reddit-fueled short squeeze, has announced that it has fired its CEO, Matt Furlong. The decision comes just months after the company abandoned its plans to enter the cryptocurrency market.

GameStop’s Previous Plans to Enter the Crypto Market

In May, GameStop announced that it had formed a new team to explore opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The company stated that it was looking to hire experts in the field and develop partnerships with other companies in the industry.

However, just a few weeks later, the company changed its tune. In a regulatory filing, GameStop stated that it had abandoned its plans to enter the crypto market due to regulatory uncertainty and other factors.

Matt Furlong’s Short Tenure as CEO

Matt Furlong took over as GameStop’s CEO in June of this year, replacing George Sherman, who had been serving in the role since 2019. Furlong had previously been the head of Amazon’s Australia business.

Despite his impressive background, Furlong’s tenure at GameStop was short-lived. The company did not provide a reason for his termination, but it is likely that the decision was made due to the company’s poor financial performance and ongoing challenges in the retail industry.

The Future of GameStop

GameStop has been struggling in recent years due to the rise of digital gaming and the decline of physical game sales. The company has been trying to pivot its business model to focus more on e-commerce and other digital initiatives, but it has faced significant challenges along the way.

The firing of Matt Furlong is just the latest setback for GameStop, but the company remains determined to turn things around. It recently hired a new Chief Growth Officer and has been making other changes to its leadership team in an effort to chart a new course for the future.

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GameStop’s decision to fire its CEO, Matt Furlong, just months after abandoning its plans to enter the crypto market, highlights the ongoing challenges facing the company. While GameStop has been trying to pivot its business model in recent years, it has faced significant headwinds, and it remains to be seen whether the company can successfully navigate these challenges and find a path to future success.

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