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FTX Seeks Clawback in Blockfolio Acquisition Dispute


FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, is seeking to claw back a portion of its acquisition deal with Blockfolio due to a dispute over the value of the assets acquired. The acquisition, which was completed in August 2020, was valued at $150 million. However, FTX claims that it overpaid for the assets and is now seeking to recover some of the funds.


Blockfolio is a popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app that allows users to monitor their cryptocurrency holdings across multiple exchanges. The app has over 6 million users and is one of the most widely used cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps in the world.

In August 2020, FTX announced that it had acquired Blockfolio for $150 million. The acquisition was seen as a strategic move by FTX to expand its user base and increase its market share in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Dispute

According to FTX, the value of the assets acquired in the Blockfolio deal was not as high as originally estimated. FTX claims that it overpaid for the assets and is seeking to recover some of the funds.

FTX has initiated a clawback process, which is a legal process that allows a buyer to recover funds from a seller in the event of a dispute over the value of assets acquired. FTX is seeking to recover $6 million from the Blockfolio deal.

Blockfolio has disputed FTX’s claims and has stated that it believes the assets acquired were worth the amount paid for them. Blockfolio has also stated that it will defend itself against FTX’s clawback attempt.

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The Future

The outcome of the dispute between FTX and Blockfolio is uncertain. It is possible that the two companies will reach a settlement and the matter will be resolved out of court. However, if the dispute cannot be resolved, it may result in a legal battle between the two companies.


FTX’s attempt to claw back funds from its acquisition of Blockfolio highlights the challenges that can arise in mergers and acquisitions. It is important for companies to conduct thorough due diligence before entering into an acquisition deal to ensure that the value of the assets being acquired is accurately assessed.

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