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Expert Insights: From Traditional Finance to Crypto – A Conversation with Sandro Potenza

Crypto Insiders: Exclusive Interview with Sandro Potenza From Daily Potential UG


In a recent exclusive interview with Sandro Potenza, an expert in consulting crypto space and regulations, we discussed his journey into the crypto industry and his insights on various topics. Sandro, who is setting up his own company for consulting, strategy, and regulation in the Web3 space, shared his experiences and thoughts on the industry. He also expressed his views on the new crypto regulations in Hong Kong and the coexistence of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and cryptocurrencies in the future financial ecosystem.

Embracing the Crypto Industry

Sandro’s journey into the crypto industry began in December 2020 when he started exploring certain decentralized applications. Despite witnessing the early flaws and challenges, he recognized the potential of crypto and realized that his background in traditional finance could be leveraged to contribute to the development of the sector. Motivated by the desire to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the crypto world, Sandro decided to pursue a career in the crypto industry, eventually starting his own consulting firm ? Dailypotential.

Coexistence of CBDCs and Cryptocurrencies

One of the key advantages of CBDCs, as highlighted by Sandro, is their ability to leverage the technological advancements pioneered by cryptocurrencies. For instance, CBDCs can incorporate features such as instant settlements and enhanced transparency, taking advantage of the efficiency and security offered by cryptocurrencies.

However, Sandro acknowledged that cryptocurrencies offer a much broader range of use cases compared to CBDCs. While CBDCs primarily serve as a form of government-backed currency, cryptocurrencies encompass a diverse spectrum of applications. These include stable coins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and utility tokens, each catering to different needs within the financial landscape.

?I see them coexisting? There is room for both CBDCs and cryptocurrencies to coexist harmoniously. CBDCs can provide stability and instill trust by being backed by the government, while cryptocurrencies bring forth innovation and variety. The regulated nature of CBDCs makes them a reliable and familiar option for those seeking a government-backed digital currency. Simultaneously, cryptocurrencies fulfill the demand for alternative financial instruments, offering unique features and decentralized platforms that cater to a wide array of financial preferences.

Security Considerations

The topic of security holds immense significance within the crypto industry, and Sandro delved into a detailed comparison of the security aspects between Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and cryptocurrencies. Sandro emphasized that CBDCs, being issued by central banks, inherently carry a certain level of trust and assurance against private and business risks. The backing of a government entity provides a sense of reliability and accountability, instilling confidence in users.

While CBDCs offer a government-backed security blanket, they still require continuous advancements to address certain areas, such as privacy protection and fortification against cyber threats. Ensuring robust privacy features is crucial for CBDCs to safeguard sensitive financial information and protect the privacy rights of users.

Hong Kong’s Crypto Regulations

?Hong Kong has such a unique position historically that it has the capacity to attract significant investments and numerous investors.? Hong Kong, renowned for its status as a global financial hub, stands poised to benefit from these regulations by attracting a greater influx of foreign investors seeking a clear and comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

Sandro noted that while jurisdictions like Singapore and Dubai have already made significant strides in establishing crypto-friendly regulations, Hong Kong possesses unique advantages that can further solidify its position as an attractive destination for crypto-related activities. One such advantage lies in its rich historical significance as a financial center with a strong reputation for stability and reliability. This, combined with the ability to retain investors from mainland China, despite China’s more restrictive stance towards cryptocurrencies, positions Hong Kong as an enticing choice for crypto enthusiasts.

The implementation of clear and well-defined regulations in Hong Kong creates an environment of certainty and transparency for investors, fostering trust and confidence in the market. This can act as a catalyst for increased participation from institutional investors and businesses seeking to capitalize on the growing crypto industry. Hong Kong’s proactive approach to regulatory frameworks demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation while maintaining investor protection and market integrity.

Furthermore, Hong Kong’s global connectivity and accessibility contribute to its appeal as a crypto-friendly jurisdiction. Its robust infrastructure, advanced technological capabilities, and extensive network of financial institutions create an ecosystem that supports the growth and development of crypto-related ventures.

By embracing crypto regulations that strike a balance between investor protection and innovation, Hong Kong has the potential to attract not only foreign investors but also emerging crypto projects and startups. This influx of talent and capital can further contribute to the overall development and maturation of the local crypto industry.


The future of crypto regulations and the coexistence of CBDCs and cryptocurrencies hold immense promise. With experts like Sandro Potenza providing insights and jurisdictions like Hong Kong embracing progressive regulations, we are witnessing a transformative era in the financial landscape. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, it is essential to strike a balance between innovation and investor protection, ensuring that the benefits of this groundbreaking technology are harnessed to create a robust and inclusive financial ecosystem.

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