Crypto VC is Struggling Only from a North American Perspective: Animoca Brands CEO


The world of cryptocurrency has been growing rapidly over the years, but it has not been without its challenges. One of the main challenges that the industry is facing right now is the struggle of crypto venture capital (VC) firms. However, Animoca Brands CEO, Yat Siu, believes that this struggle is only from a North American perspective.

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, Siu explained that crypto VC is thriving in other parts of the world, such as Asia and Europe. He pointed out that there are many successful crypto projects in these regions that have been funded by VC firms.

VC Struggles in North America

Siu highlighted the fact that in North America, VC firms are struggling to find good projects to invest in. This is due to the oversaturation of the market and the high valuations of many of the existing projects. He also mentioned that the regulatory environment in North America is not as favorable as it is in other parts of the world, which makes it difficult for VC firms to operate.

VC Success in Asia and Europe

On the other hand, Siu stated that there are many successful crypto projects in Asia and Europe that have been funded by VC firms. He noted that the regulatory environment in these regions is much more favorable and that there is a lot of innovation happening. He also mentioned that there is a lot of interest in blockchain technology in these regions, which has led to a lot of investment in the space.

The Future of Crypto VC

Siu believes that the future of crypto VC is bright, but it will require VC firms to be more strategic in their investments. He suggested that VC firms should focus on investing in projects that have a clear value proposition and a strong team behind them. He also mentioned that VC firms should be willing to invest in projects that are not necessarily in the blockchain space but are using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.

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In conclusion, while crypto VC may be struggling in North America, it is thriving in other parts of the world. The regulatory environment and the level of innovation in these regions are contributing to the success of crypto VC firms. However, for crypto VC to continue to thrive globally, VC firms need to be strategic in their investments and focus on projects with a clear value proposition and a strong team.

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