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Core Scientific Explains Latest Bankruptcy Plan Court Date

Blockchain infrastructure provider Core Scientific has filed for bankruptcy and is now explaining its latest bankruptcy plan. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2021, citing debts of over $100 million. Core Scientific provides blockchain infrastructure services to companies in various industries, including AI, healthcare, and finance.

What Led to Core Scientific’s Bankruptcy Filing?

Core Scientific’s debt has been attributed to the company’s rapid expansion in recent years. In 2019, the company acquired a bitcoin mining facility in Texas, which reportedly cost $42 million. Core Scientific also acquired a blockchain hosting company that same year. These acquisitions, combined with the company’s investment in mining hardware and other infrastructure, have put a strain on Core Scientific’s finances.

The Latest Bankruptcy Plan

Core Scientific’s latest bankruptcy plan includes the sale of its assets to a group of investors led by Luxor Technology Corporation. The sale is expected to generate around $90 million, which will go towards paying off the company’s debts. The bankruptcy court has set a hearing date for August 4, 2021, to consider the sale.

Luxor Technology Corporation is a mining software company that operates a cryptocurrency mining pool. The company has stated that it intends to use Core Scientific’s assets to expand its mining operations.

Potential Impacts on the Blockchain Industry

Core Scientific’s bankruptcy filing and asset sale could have significant impacts on the blockchain industry. The company was one of the largest blockchain infrastructure providers in the United States, and its bankruptcy could lead to a consolidation of the industry. The sale of Core Scientific’s assets could also lead to increased competition in the cryptocurrency mining market.


Core Scientific’s bankruptcy filing and latest bankruptcy plan have raised questions about the future of the blockchain industry. The sale of the company’s assets to Luxor Technology Corporation could have significant impacts on the industry, and it remains to be seen how the sale will affect competition and innovation in the space. The bankruptcy court hearing on August 4, 2021, will provide more clarity on the matter.

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