Circle & Tether Freeze $65M in Assets Transferred from Multichain


Circle, the crypto financial services firm, and Tether, the stablecoin issuer, have frozen over $65 million in assets transferred from Multichain, a Chinese firm that helps investors move cryptocurrencies across different blockchains. The move comes after concerns were raised about the legality of the funds.

Circle and Tether’s Decision to Freeze Funds

According to the reports, Circle and Tether made the decision to freeze the funds after learning of a potential regulatory issue regarding the source of the funds. The companies are now working with regulators to resolve the issue.

Multichain’s Response

In response to the freeze, Multichain issued a statement saying that they are working to address the issue and that they “are confident that the funds will be unfrozen soon.”

Implications for the Crypto Industry

This freeze highlights the challenges that the crypto industry faces when it comes to regulatory compliance. While many in the crypto industry advocate for self-regulation, incidents like this show that there is still a need for clear and consistent regulations from governments and financial institutions.

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Circle and Tether’s decision to freeze over $65 million in assets transferred from Multichain is a reminder of the need for regulatory compliance in the crypto industry. While incidents like this may cause short-term disruptions, they ultimately help to strengthen the industry by promoting transparency and accountability.

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