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Binance US Resolves USD Withdrawal Issues, but Warns It Won’t Last


Binance US has been experiencing issues with USD withdrawals since last week. The company has since announced that it has resolved the issue. However, in a tweet on August 13, the company warned its customers that the solution is only temporary.

Temporary Solution

Binance US has implemented a temporary solution to the issue by partnering with a new bank to process USD withdrawals. The company did not disclose the name of the bank but assured customers that the partnership will allow for faster and more efficient withdrawals.

Customers’ Responses

Binance US customers have expressed their frustration with the ongoing issue, with some criticizing the company for its lack of communication. However, some customers have also acknowledged that Binance US is still a relatively new exchange and that issues like these are to be expected.

Future Plans

Binance US has stated that it is working to establish a long-term solution for USD withdrawals. The company has not provided any details on what this solution might look like or when it will be implemented.

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Binance US has resolved its USD withdrawal issues for the time being, but customers should not expect the solution to last. The company is working on a long-term solution, but it remains to be seen what that solution will be. In the meantime, customers can continue to withdraw USD using the temporary solution that the company has put in place.

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