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Apple’s Ban on Outside Payments Upheld as Unlawful: A Win for NFTs and Crypto?



Apple has long been a dominant player in the tech industry, but a recent ruling regarding its ban on outside payments could have significant implications for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This article will dive into the court’s decision, the potential impact on the crypto and NFT landscape, and the challenges and opportunities it presents for developers and consumers alike.

Apple’s Ban on Outside Payments

For years, Apple has maintained a strict policy of prohibiting apps on its platform from accepting payments outside of its own in-app purchase system. This has allowed the tech giant to maintain a 30% cut of all revenue generated by apps on its platform. However, this practice has drawn the ire of app developers, who argue that it stifles innovation and unfairly monopolizes the market.

The Legal Battle

Several high-profile lawsuits have challenged Apple’s outside payment ban, culminating in a landmark decision that deemed the policy unlawful. This ruling has the potential to reshape the tech industry and significantly impact the burgeoning crypto and NFT markets.

The Court’s Decision

The court ruled that Apple’s ban on outside payments was anti-competitive, as it effectively forces app developers to rely on Apple’s in-app purchase system. This decision not only opens the door for alternative payment methods but also paves the way for greater integration of cryptocurrencies and NFTs into the mainstream app ecosystem.

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Implications for Crypto and NFTs

As a result of this ruling, app developers will be free to explore new payment methods, including crypto and NFT-based options.

NFTs and In-App Payments

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent unique digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded on blockchain platforms. With the court’s decision, NFTs could potentially be integrated into popular apps as a means of transacting value.

Crypto’s Future in Apple’s Ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum could also see increased adoption as alternative payment methods within the App Store ecosystem. This would not only provide greater flexibility for developers and users but also further legitimize cryptocurrencies in the eyes of the public.

Benefits for Developers and Consumers

The ruling could lead to several advantages for both developers and consumers.

Revenue Sharing Changes

Developers will no longer be forced to use Apple’s in-app purchase system, allowing them to potentially retain a greater share of their revenue. This could lead to a more competitive marketplace and drive innovation within the app industry.

Increased Adoption of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

As developers begin to experiment with new payment methods, users may become more accustomed to using cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This increased exposure and ease of use could lead to greater adoption of these digital assets, expanding their reach and influence within the broader economy.

Challenges and Criticisms

Despite the potential benefits, the ruling also raises concerns and criticisms.

Security Concerns

One major challenge is ensuring the security of new payment methods. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, while innovative, are still relatively untested in the mainstream app ecosystem. This opens up the possibility of security vulnerabilities and fraud, which will need to be addressed as these technologies become more widely adopted.

Regulatory Issues

The use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs also raises potential regulatory concerns. As governments around the world grapple with how to regulate these digital assets, app developers and platform operators like Apple will need to navigate the complex and evolving regulatory landscape.

The Road Ahead

In light of the court’s decision, the future of payments within the App Store is likely to undergo significant changes.

Other Payment Solutions

While cryptocurrencies and NFTs represent exciting new possibilities, they are not the only alternative payment methods that could gain traction. Other solutions, such as digital wallets and direct bank transfers, may also become more prevalent as developers seek to diversify their revenue streams.

Impact on Competitors

The ruling could have a ripple effect on other major tech companies, such as Google and Amazon, who also maintain tight control over their app ecosystems. These companies may face similar legal challenges and be forced to adapt their payment policies in response.


The court’s decision to uphold Apple’s ban on outside payments as unlawful marks a turning point in the tech industry and could significantly impact the future of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. As developers begin to experiment with new payment methods and users become more familiar with digital assets, we may see a new era of innovation and growth within the app ecosystem. However, this change will not come without challenges, as security and regulatory issues will need to be addressed to ensure the continued success of these emerging technologies.


  1. What was the court’s decision on Apple’s ban on outside payments?
    The court ruled that Apple’s ban on outside payments was anti-competitive and unlawful, opening the door for alternative payment methods, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
  2. How will this ruling impact the crypto and NFT landscape?
    The ruling allows app developers to explore and integrate new payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, potentially leading to greater adoption and integration of these digital assets within the mainstream app ecosystem.
  3. What benefits could this decision have for developers and consumers?
    Developers could potentially retain a greater share of their revenue by using alternative payment methods, while consumers may see increased adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, making them more accessible and user-friendly.
  4. What challenges and criticisms does this ruling present?
    Security concerns, regulatory issues, and potential fraud are some of the challenges that will need to be addressed as new payment methods are integrated into the app ecosystem.
  5. How might this decision impact other major tech companies?
    Companies like Google and Amazon, who also maintain tight control over their app ecosystems, may face similar legal challenges and be forced to adapt their payment policies in response to this ruling.



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