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Hong Kong Financial Secretary Bullish on Web3 and Blockchain


The financial secretary of Hong Kong, Paul Chan Mo-po, has expressed optimism about the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology to revolutionize the finance industry. In a recent blog post, Chan stated that these technologies have the potential to transform the way financial services are delivered, making them more efficient, secure, and accessible.

Web3 and Decentralization

Chan highlighted the decentralization aspect of Web3, which he believes will enable a more open and transparent financial system. He also noted that blockchain technology can facilitate secure transactions without the need for intermediaries, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Benefits for Hong Kong

According to Chan, the adoption of Web3 and blockchain technology could bring significant benefits to Hong Kong’s finance industry. He suggested that these technologies could help to enhance the city’s competitiveness as a financial hub by improving the speed and efficiency of transactions, reducing risks, and increasing transparency.

Regulatory Framework

While acknowledging the potential benefits of Web3 and blockchain, Chan also emphasized the need for a clear regulatory framework to ensure the safe and responsible use of these technologies. He stated that the Hong Kong government is committed to creating a supportive environment for the development and adoption of these technologies, while also ensuring that appropriate regulatory measures are in place.

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In conclusion, Hong Kong’s financial secretary expressed his bullishness on the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology to transform the finance industry. He believes that these technologies could bring significant benefits to Hong Kong’s financial hub, but also stressed the importance of a clear regulatory framework to ensure their safe and responsible use.

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