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ETHDam 2023, a shelling event for Financial Freedom and Privacy


  • ETHDam is a hackathon & conference gathering 800 DeFi and Privacy builders on the 20th and 21st of May in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. We are delighted to welcome thought leaders from Polygon, Curve, Aave, Balancer, Dune, MakerDAO and many more.
  • Never seen before, an ?All Stars Track? a champions league for previous ETH hackathon winners to keep them building. These experienced hackers will start earlier and present a more polished product on the main stage.
  • Privacy is normal. Following the arrest of Alex Pertsev, a Tornado Cash developer in the Netherlands, ETHDam 2023 is determined to counter the chilling effect and bridge worlds to discuss the future of privacy and encourage them to build on the shoulders of cypherpunk giants.
  • Update: Alex has been released under house arrest, and he will be able to make it to ETHDam.
  • ETHDam is powered by CryptoCanal, a crypto education and events platform growing in Amsterdam, spreading its roots to Rotterdam and Zurich.

All Stars Track ??

The All Stars Track is a never done or seen before hackathon track, a champions league if you will, of experienced hackers, runner ups and winners of past ETH hackathons.

We want to inspire hackers to keep building. If they?ve won a track in the past, they collect the win, but many drop the project the moment real life hits. How many great ideas have gone wasted?

We want to resuscitate those teams, give them time to build on top of their past winning projects starting 19th of April, and give them an opportunity to present a polished product on the main stage of ETHDam on the 21st of May. Only one team member is needed IRL.

Although this track has no bounties, ETHDam provides support of knowledgable mentors, valuable advice and an access to a pool of investors.

Key Speakers

Christopher von Hessert – Security Director at Polygon.

Julien Bouteloup – Founder of Stake Capital Group (Stake DAO, BlackPool Finance, and Curve Core Team member.

Sebastian Buergel – the Founder of HOPR.

Isidoros Passadis – Master of Validators at Lido.

Ryan King – Head of Business Development at Dusk Network / Privacy Speaker Leading Privacy Alliance.

**Elias Simos** – Co-founder & CEO at Rated Labs.

Pranav Kanade – a Portfolio Manager at VanEck Digital Assests Alpha Fund.

**Hildebert** aka hildobby – Data Analyst at Dragonfly & Dune wizardry

**Yahya Ibrahim** – Senior Backend Engineer LensProtocol & Aave, EF Grantee for Semaphore ZK work. Previously LivePeer, gelatoNetwork.

Find more speakers and mentors here.


Pakhuis De Zwijger, a large conference building right by the Central Station. The building is a former refrigerated warehouse that over the past 15 years grew into a platform of cultural & social innovation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Official Accounts

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Official Instagram Account:
Official Twitter Account:

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