Co-founder of 3AC avoids contempt charges in Singapore


The co-founder of 3AC, a cryptocurrency investment firm, has avoided contempt charges in Singapore. The charges were related to a court order demanding the co-founder’s return to Singapore to assist in an ongoing legal case.

Evidence of citizenship

The co-founder, who is based in the United States, was able to avoid the contempt charges by providing evidence of his Singaporean citizenship. The evidence satisfied the Singaporean court that he was not in contempt of the order.

The legal case in question involves a dispute over the ownership of a cryptocurrency exchange. The co-founder has been named as a defendant in the case along with several other individuals and entities.

Future implications

The case highlights the complexities of international legal disputes involving cryptocurrency. As the industry continues to grow and expand, it is likely that we will see more cases like this in the future.

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The co-founder of 3AC has successfully avoided contempt charges in Singapore by providing evidence of his citizenship. The ongoing legal case involving the ownership of a cryptocurrency exchange highlights the challenges of international legal disputes in the crypto industry.

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