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Binance Australia and Cuscal Issue Statement on Debanking Exchange


Binance Australia and Cuscal have issued a joint statement regarding the recent debanking of the exchange. The statement addresses the concerns of customers and outlines the steps being taken to resolve the issue.


Binance Australia was recently debanked by Cuscal, a major Australian payment provider. This move left many customers unable to withdraw their funds from the exchange, causing widespread concern and frustration.

Steps Being Taken

In the joint statement, Binance Australia and Cuscal outline the steps being taken to resolve the issue. These include working with regulators and other payment providers to find a solution, as well as providing regular updates to customers.

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Impact on Customers

The debanking of Binance Australia has had a significant impact on customers, many of whom have been unable to access their funds. The joint statement acknowledges this impact and assures customers that every effort is being made to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


The joint statement from Binance Australia and Cuscal provides some much-needed clarity on the recent debanking of the exchange. While the situation is far from ideal, it is reassuring to see that steps are being taken to resolve the issue and that customers are being kept informed of progress.

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