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圍繞矽谷銀行的事件發展迅速。以下是這三天的主要發展細目。 | 區塊內幕 Cryptoinsiders


The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has quickly unfolded over the course of three days, depegging stablecoins, leading regulators in the United States and th United Kingdom to prepare emergency plans and raising fears among small businesses, venture capitalists and other depositors with funds stuck at the California tech bank.

English corner:
the collapse of sth. (某物)倒塌,瓦解;暴跌、崩盤
venture capitalists 風險公司
stuck v. 刺,戳;把⋯⋯放(某處); n. 卡住的,被困住;難以繼續的;被迫保留;停滯不前的。
stuck at sp. 困於某處
stuck in 陷入、插入
stuck on 迷戀於、黏上
stuck with 被迫接受、無法掙脫;肩負
depeg 脫鉤
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3 月 10 日:矽谷銀行被加州監管機構關閉

March 10: Silicon Valley Bank shut down by California regulator
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矽谷銀行 (SVB) 在宣布大規模出售資產和股票以籌集額外資金後,於 3 月 10 日被加州金融監管機構關閉。

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was shut down by California’s financial watchdog on March 10 after announcing a significant sale of assets and stocks aimed at raising additional capital.

English corner:
watchdog n. 看門狗、監察人;v. 監督(活動,人等)
financial watchdog 金融監管機構
A significant sale 大規模出售
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The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation confirmed that Silicon Valley Bank was ordered to close but did not specify the reason for the shutdown.
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加利福尼亞州的監管機構已指定聯邦存款保險公司 (FDIC) 保護受保存款。但是,FDIC 只為每個存款人、每個機構和每個所有權類別提供最高 250,000 美元的擔保。矽谷銀行是美國最大的 20 家銀行之一,為紅杉資本和 Andreessen Horowitz 等對加密貨幣友好的企業提供銀行服務。

The California watchdog appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as the receiver to protect insured deposits. However, the FDIC only insures up to $250,000 per depositor, per institution and per ownership category. The bank held over $5 billion in funds from major venture capital firms. Silicon Valley Bank is one of the top 20 largest banks in the United States, providing banking services to crypto-friendly venture companies such as Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.

English corner:
insured deposit 受保存款,保險存款
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3 月 10 日:世界對銀行業危機做出反應

March 10: The world responds to the bank’s crisis
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英格蘭銀行 3 月 10 日表示,由於央行計劃向法院申請將 SVB UK 置於“銀行破產程序”,因此 SVB UK“將停止接受付款或存款”。

The Bank of England stated on March 10 that SVB UK will “stop making payments or accepting deposits,” as the central bank intends to apply to the court to place SVB UK into a “Bank Insolvency Procedure.”

English corner:
Bank Insolvency Procedure 銀行破產程序
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據報導,FDIC 計劃覆蓋 95% 的未投保 SVB 存款,其中 50% 將在下週內支付。

U.S. depositors lined up to withdraw funds. According to an unconfirmed report, the FDIC was planning to cover 95% of uninsured SVB deposits, with 50% of them to be paid out in the coming week.
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在管理層透露需要籌集 22.5 億美元股權以支持其運營不到 48 小時後,該銀行的倒閉進程開始加速進行,其股價隨後暴跌,3 月 9 日下跌超過 60%。

The bank’s downfall was swift, coming less than 48 hours after management disclosed that it needed to raise $2.25 billion in stock to shore up operations. Its stock price subsequently plunged, falling over 60% on March 9.

Engish corner:
downfall n. 垮台;衰敗;下落;大雨
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3 月 11 日:加密行業開始承受陣痛

關於加密行業暴露於倒閉銀行的報導已經出現。Circle 擁有 33 億美元的 SVB。Circle 的一位發言人告訴 Cointelegraph:

Reports emerge of crypto industry exposure to the failed bank. Circle had $3.3 billion in SVB. A spokesperson for Circle told Cointelegraph that “While we await clarity on how the FDIC receivership of SVB will impact its depositors, Circle and USDC continue to operate normally.“

English corner:
spokesperson n. 發言人
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Circle 的 USDC 穩定幣已經脫鉤並損失了超過 10% 的價值。受到影響。Circle 使用公司“資源”來彌補 SVB 崩潰造成的虧空。

Circle’s USDC stablecoin depegged and lost over 10% of its value. The USDC depeg led to a domino effect that knocked several stablecoins from their pegs as well. DAI, USDD and FRAX were affected. Circle announced that it would use corporate “resources” to cover the shortfall caused by the SVB collapse.

English corner:
domino effect n.多米諾骨牌效應
Shortfall n. 差額;缺少
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3 月 11 日:對感染的恐懼蔓延

March 11: Contagion fears spread
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由於鯨魚試圖將資金從 USDC 轉移出去,整個 DeFi 社區都感受到了影響。DAI 發行人 MakerDAO 發布了一項緊急提案,以減輕其對 USDC 的 31 億美元風險敞口。Poole Curve Finance 在 Farch1 交易中創下了 70 億美元污點的記錄與此同時,風險投資家等聚集在SVB周圍,表示如果銀行被收購再回購,他們願意繼續與銀行合作。

Reverberations were felt throughout the DeFi community as whales sought to transfer funds away from USDC. DAI issuer MakerDAO issued an emergency proposal to mitigate its $3.1 billion exposure to USDC. Swapping pool Curve Finance saw record-breaking trading of $7 billion on March 11. Fear of contagion mounted rapidly, with regional banks seen as particularly at risk, and dire warnings were sounded. At the same time, venture capitalists and others rallied around SVB to express their willingness to continue to work with the bank should it be purchased and recapitalized.

English corner:
reverberation n. 混響;反射;反響;迴響
mitigate v. [formal]減輕,緩和
swapping pool n. 交換池
dire warning 極其嚴重的警告
dire a. 極其嚴重的,極可怕的
recapitalized n. 資金重組
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3 月 12 日:監管機構立刻展開行動

March 12: Regulators spring into action
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Regulators in the United States and United Kingdom began to take action to deal with the SVB collapse. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in an interview that the Treasury was focused on depositors’ needs and would not bail out the bank. U.K Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that there were “immediate plans to ensure the short-term operational and cash flow needs of Silicon Valley Bank UK customers.”
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倫敦銀行已對 SVB 的英國分行進行了正式招標。

The Bank of London has made a formal bid for the U.K. branch of SVB.
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彭博社報導稱,FDIC 正在 3 月 11 日晚上競標 SVB。 《華爾街日報》報導稱,競標於美國東部時間 3 月 12 日下午 2:00 結束。 據報導,美國的拜登政府也在準備“重大行動”。

Bloomberg reported that the FDIC had been conducting an auction process for SVB on the night of March 11. The Wall Street Journal reported that bidding closed at 2 pm  Eastern Time on March 12. Elon Musk said in a tweet that he was “open to the idea” of buying the bank. The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden is also reported to be preparing “material action.”
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