Philippines Sells $179 M Tokenized Treasury Bonds


The Philippines has successfully sold $179 million worth of tokenized treasury bonds on its own blockchain platform, making it the first country in Asia to tokenize government bonds. The move is aimed at broadening the reach of government securities to more investors, both domestic and foreign.

Blockchain-based Bonds

The tokenized bonds were issued on the government’s blockchain platform, which was developed in partnership with UnionBank of the Philippines. The platform, called Bonds.PH, allows investors to buy and trade bonds using a digital wallet. The use of blockchain technology provides transparency and security, as all transactions are recorded on a tamper-proof ledger.

Advantages of Tokenized Bonds

Tokenized bonds offer several advantages over traditional bonds. They are more accessible and efficient, as investors can purchase and trade them using a digital wallet from anywhere in the world. The use of blockchain technology also reduces the need for intermediaries, making the process faster and more cost-effective.

Broadening Investment Opportunities

The sale of tokenized treasury bonds is part of the government’s efforts to broaden investment opportunities and attract more investors to the country. The move is expected to encourage more Filipinos to invest in government securities, which can provide a stable and secure source of income.


The sale of tokenized treasury bonds by the Philippines is a significant step towards making government securities more accessible and efficient. The use of blockchain technology provides transparency and security, while also reducing the need for intermediaries. The move is expected to attract more investors to the country and provide a stable source of income for Filipinos.

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