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BitGo Rolls Out RBF Integration for Faster Bitcoin Transaction Processing


In a bid to provide faster and more efficient Bitcoin transaction processing, BitGo, a prominent player in the blockchain security and custody space, has recently integrated Replace-By-Fee (RBF) technology into its platform. This new feature aims to address the long-standing issue of slow transactions on the Bitcoin network, offering users a more streamlined experience.

RBF: Enhancing Transaction Speed

RBF, or Replace-By-Fee, is a protocol that allows users to increase the fee of an unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction. By implementing RBF, BitGo enables its users to accelerate the processing of their Bitcoin transactions by replacing them with new transactions that offer higher fees. This feature is particularly useful when users want to prioritize their transactions during periods of network congestion or when they realize they have set a low fee initially.

Improved User Experience

With the integration of RBF, BitGo aims to enhance the overall user experience for its customers. By providing the ability to replace low-fee transactions with higher-fee ones, users can avoid potential delays caused by network congestion. This feature empowers users to have greater control over their transactions, ensuring they are processed promptly and efficiently.

Minimizing Transaction Delays

Bitcoin’s network congestion has been a persistent issue, leading to transaction backlogs and delays. BitGo’s RBF integration tackles this problem head-on by offering users the opportunity to expedite their transactions. By replacing transactions with higher fees, users can bypass the backlog and ensure their transfers are processed in a timely manner.


BitGo’s introduction of RBF integration marks a significant step forward in improving the speed and efficiency of Bitcoin transactions. By empowering users with the ability to replace low-fee transactions with higher-fee ones, BitGo is addressing one of the long-standing challenges faced by the Bitcoin network. With this new feature, users can now experience faster transaction processing and minimize delays caused by network congestion.

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