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BitDeer Announces New 4nm Bitcoin Mining Chip SEAL01


BitDeer, a leading computing power-sharing platform, has recently revealed its latest innovation in the field of cryptocurrency mining. The company announced the development of a new 4nm Bitcoin mining chip named SEAL01. This breakthrough technology is expected to significantly enhance the efficiency and performance of Bitcoin mining operations.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

The SEAL01 chip developed by BitDeer aims to address the increasing demand for energy-efficient and high-performance mining equipment. Built on a cutting-edge 4nm process, this chip offers a remarkable improvement in energy consumption and computational power.

By adopting advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, BitDeer aims to push the boundaries of Bitcoin mining hardware. The 4nm chip allows for a greater number of transistors to be integrated into a smaller space, leading to improved processing power and energy efficiency.

Revolutionizing the Bitcoin Mining Industry

With the introduction of the SEAL01 chip, BitDeer aims to revolutionize the Bitcoin mining industry. By offering mining equipment with enhanced efficiency and performance, the company strives to provide a competitive advantage to its users.

The new chip is expected to reduce the power consumption of mining equipment significantly, thereby reducing operational costs for miners. This development will allow more individuals and businesses to participate in Bitcoin mining, promoting decentralization and fostering a healthier mining ecosystem.

Collaboration with Leading Chip Manufacturers

BitDeer has collaborated with renowned chip manufacturers to develop the SEAL01 chip. By partnering with industry leaders, the company ensures the production of high-quality and reliable mining equipment.

This collaboration also allows BitDeer to leverage the expertise of these manufacturers in semiconductor manufacturing. By combining their knowledge and resources, BitDeer aims to bring cutting-edge technology to the Bitcoin mining industry.


BitDeer’s announcement of the new 4nm Bitcoin mining chip, SEAL01, marks a significant milestone in the advancement of cryptocurrency mining technology. This breakthrough chip promises enhanced efficiency and performance, revolutionizing the Bitcoin mining industry.

By leveraging advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, BitDeer aims to provide mining equipment that is both energy-efficient and powerful. This development will not only benefit individual miners but also contribute to the overall decentralization and sustainability of the Bitcoin network.

With its collaboration with leading chip manufacturers, BitDeer demonstrates its commitment to delivering high-quality mining equipment. As the cryptocurrency mining industry continues to evolve, innovations like the SEAL01 chip will play a crucial role in shaping its future.

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