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Bitcoin Asset Protocol (BRC-20) Appoints New Maintainers


The Bitcoin Asset Protocol, commonly known as BRC-20, has made a significant announcement regarding its future development. The protocol, which allows for the creation and management of assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, has appointed new maintainers to ensure ongoing support and enhancement.

New Maintainers Join BRC-20

In an effort to maintain the momentum of innovation and growth, the Bitcoin Asset Protocol has welcomed a team of new maintainers. These talented individuals bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise in blockchain technology, ensuring the protocol’s continued success.

Enhancing Protocol Functionality

With the addition of new maintainers, the BRC-20 protocol is expected to undergo further advancements. The team will focus on enhancing the functionality and usability of the protocol, making it more accessible and efficient for asset creation and management on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Community Involvement and Feedback

The appointment of new maintainers also highlights the importance of community involvement and feedback in shaping the future of the Bitcoin Asset Protocol. The maintainers will actively engage with the community, seeking input and suggestions to guide their development efforts.

Ensuring Long-Term Support

By appointing new maintainers, the Bitcoin Asset Protocol aims to ensure the long-term support and maintenance of the protocol. This move demonstrates a commitment to the growth and stability of the BRC-20 ecosystem, providing users with confidence in the protocol’s future.


The appointment of new maintainers for the Bitcoin Asset Protocol (BRC-20) is a significant step forward in ensuring the continuous development and support of the protocol. With the expertise and dedication of the new team, users can expect further advancements in functionality and increased accessibility. This move reaffirms the commitment to the community and solidifies the position of BRC-20 as a leading protocol for asset creation and management on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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